Dep BCS is a multi talented rapper,songwriter and producer/engineer. Dep was born and raised in Toronto Ontario and heavily influenced by gospel, Jazz and Hip-hop music growing up. Being raised in a religious household with parents who share a passion for music, he started to play the drums in church at age 8. Even with his love for different genres of music, hip-hop became his true passion. His favorite artists growing up was DMX, 50 Cent, & Nas. Dep's music style can be described as a fusion of Hip Hop, Trap, & Blues. His music offers soul,expression and an edgy street sound reminiscent of the different experiences & struggles that he faced throughout his life. He's worked with several different artists as a producer/engineer from all over including Toronto, Philadelphia, Ohio, New York and Los Angeles. He's currently serving as the producer/engineer for the music label One Umbrella featuring Tory Lanez and Karma X wave, which is the fastest growing music label in Toronto right now. Dep aims to become this generation's Quincy Jones and he feels that his life experiences, body of work, and skill set, sets him apart from any other artist out there and makes him a DANGEROUS force in music!